Bio-cotton? Pineapple fibre!

It was an honor to meet Mayya Saliba in November in her flat in Berlin: A motivated, experienced and talented interdisciplinary designer (fashion-, graphic and communication). Mayya proofs, that fashion is not limited to standard fabrics, that we consume every day. Her design communicates a new understanding of fashion. Showing it through videos, interviews and exhibitions, she makes circular fashion visible, which is still – in my opinion – hardly known. The Belgian-Lebanese designer is a winner of the German Federal Award „Ecodesign – Young Talent 2016“ for „Sustainability and other stories“. Mayya has a master’s degree in Sustainability in Fashion from ESMOD Berlin.

Her secret: Pineapple leather

Mayya Saliba was the first designer, who used the fibre called „Piñatex“, pineapple fibre leather, to design fashion. By chance she found the company „Ananas Aman“ on the Internet. The natural textile is produced in the Philippines. Its finishing is made in the UK and Spain. With the support of four companies, Mayya developed a collection of different levels of circular economy for „Sustainability and other stories“. The collection was designed using different techniques that belongs or consists of:MayyaSalibaNr.2 _vonKathrinAhaeuser-4

  • mono-material
  • zero waste
  • Cradle-to-Cradle (Circular economy)
  • GOTS certified
  • Pineapple leaves leather
  • Peace silk (ethical fair silk)
  • 70 % depolymerizable (techno cycle) / 30% compostable
  • water based print

The theoretical background of „Sustainability and other stories“

Mayya Saliba wrote her theory-thesis for her master degree she answered among others the question, who has the economical power to change a certain behaviour in relation to consumption. As she found out, its companies like H&M, who have stores worldwide: Almost every person owns a garment of the company, no matter which social status the person has got.

Watch her fashion film from “Sustainability and other stories” and the jurys statement (german) here:
Fashion film
„Bundespreis Ecodesign 2016“ – statement

Read more about Mayya online:

MayyaSaliba _Nr.6vonKathrinAhaeuser-7
Fotos: Kathrin Ahäuser

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